Evergreen ZE-73 Lipless Crankbait 2 7/8" - Fire Craw

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Model # ZE-73-64

ZE-73 is a lipless crankbait designed by Morizo Shimizu, a man in constant pursuit of the perfect lure. The ultimate in lipless crankbaits, ZE-73 took all the functions and elements of lipless crankbaits and elevated them to the next level.


ZE-73 is a lipless crankbait designed by Morizo Shimizu, a man in constant pursuit of the perfect lure. The ultimate in lipless crankbaits, ZE-73 took all the functions and elements of lipless crankbaits and elevated them to the next level. In addition to the long-distance castability — one of the many advantages of being lipless — ZE-73 has an internal ribbed structure, which controls the range of movement of the large-grained tungsten weights (which also work as a rattle) and stabilizes its approach to the water. This in turn eliminates unnecessary problems, such as backlash or line tangles, and gives shape to Morizo’s philosophy: His ultimate goal is to create easy-to-use without stress and make every cast count. The top part of the lure’s characteristic shape is designed to be flat for better water receptivity on both the head and tail sides. The combined effects of the two-step head with separate incline angles and a slim fin create a V-shaped wobble that delivers a powerful vibration and water resistance that exceeds standards set by lipless crankbaits. We have taken the wide-ranging functions expected of lipless crankbaits and improved on them; they can retrieve quickly even from long-distance casting. A powerful swimmer, the lure is not hindered by a small amount of entangled weed. The complex rattle sound made up of multiple materials is capable of attracting the attention of faraway bass, making it an excellent, high-performance search bait. At the same time, it stirs curiosity and triggers an aggressive response in the bass. It also induces a reaction bite from the bass under stressful conditions and not just in times of high activity. Its superior water-grasping capacity allows the angler to feel the vibration even during a slow retrieve, demonstrating its effectiveness under low water temperatures or during periods of low activity for the bass. From standard fishing movements to high-response functions, as well as ripping where it is ripped through the grass, to jerk and fall, cranking and pause, the lipless crankbait responds to a variety of techniques at a high level of performance. Furthermore, in combination with super slow retrieve or lift and fall, ZE-73 can go deep — down to depths previously not accessible with other lipless crankbaits. From the surface to the bottom of the water column — covering large areas, approaching the target slowly, through cranking and rod work — ZE-73 does it all at the highest possible level. Surpassing other models, ZE-73 is the ultimate in lipless crankbaits–versatile at any speed, technique and range, and in any field, season or condition.


  • Two-step incline head: The two-step head combines with inclines of different angles, allowing the lure to generate powerful vibrations. It takes hold of the water firmly and yet, due to the water-repelling function in the back of the head, it can create a more complex water flow in its wake.
  • Fin: The fin strengthens the lure’s vibration and increases the lure’s action response. It creates a wider V-shaped wobble through the tail and contributes to a faster recovery after it touches the water or moves through the grass.
  • Upper part flat tail: By flattening the top part just behind the fin to the tail, water receptivity extends past the head and across the upper back part f the lure, which creates a more powerful force of resistance. It adjusts the lure’s swimming balance and improves its ability to stay on course through deep waters.
  • Low center of gravity weight system: The main weight is attached to the lure’s lowermost part. Right above that are five tungsten weights (which work as rattle) that keep the center of gravity lower. A ribbed design helps keep the tungsten weights stable and improves the lure’s response. Stability in both flight and fall attitudes prevent unnecessary problems.
  • Composite rattle: The combination of different material (tungsten, glass and brass) creates a balanced sound mix covering low- to high-pitches tones. The rattle is also designed to ensure that the fixed main weight and the different types of rattle touch each other to generate a more complex sound that stirs curiosity in and stimulates the combativeness of bass.
  • Offset type front hook eye: The offset-type front hook is based on the Wild Hunch lure. Designing it so that the front hook doesn’t shake too much improves the lure’s ability to penetrate through any cover or grass, while at the same time preventing it from losing the fish.