ION Electric Ice Auger - 8"

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Model # 19150

ION gives you power-auger performance without the hassles of gas and fumes. The 8-inch ION will drill through up to 1000 inches on a single charge.


ION gives you power-auger performance without the hassles. ION is powerful. ION is fast. The 8-inch ION will drill through up to 1000 inches on a single charge—that’s up to 40 holes through 20” of ice.


  • 40V Max Battery; ION features lithium ion technology, the most advanced battery technology available today—used heavily in high-performance tools for various applications. The ION battery is powerful enough to cut through 1000 inches of ice on a single charge and re-charges in a couple hours (charger included).
  • Lightweight; At only 22 lbs., the ION is incredibly lightweight and easy to manage for all ages. Bicycle-style handlebars put your hands in the optimal drilling position and take the work out of ice drilling.
  • Smooth Cut; With Straight-Through™ blades you virtually eliminate “catching” at break through, saving you from jarring stops or yanks. A smooth break through means no jagged ice at the bottom of the hole which can fray line and cost you a big fish. 
  • Reverse; ION features a reverse button which allows you to flush the slush back down through the hole you’ve drilled. Simply place your auger into the hole and place the blades below the ice, then press and hold the reverse button for 15-20 seconds to flush your hole clean.
  • Extension Included; Every ION auger comes with an easy-to-connect 12-inch extension in the box, meaning you can extend the length of the durable, 34-inch long steel auger to 46 inches of drilling depth.
  • No Gas, No Fumes; A high-performance electric ION auger is not only lightweight and quiet, but it also means there’s no more gas or fumes to deal with, making it easy to store and transport in your vehicle without worrying about the smell or spills of gasoline.