Tethrd Menace Saddle Kit

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Tethrd built the Menace for the more fully-figured man. It’s also a more budget friendly option to get you started in the saddle hunting game.  The Menace saddle is made with heavy duty MILSPEC components. Tethrd searched high and low for materials that were light weight, durable, and extremely strong. The Menace comes with a fixed 30″ Dynalite™ bridge. Tethrd's proprietary Dynalite™ material is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is one of the strongest pound for pound fibers on the planet.  It’s stronger than steel. It floats. It’s weather resistant. It’s ultralight. It can hold a jeep. Dynalite™ is perfect for outdoor applications. There’s no metal, no bulk, and it’s crazy strong. Looking for the down side? Good luck. The Menace has built in lineman loops to encourage safety while climbing. Using a lineman belt allows the hunter to climb the tree while remaining connected. Use the lineman belt to have better control of your body during the ascent. This ensures you climb quietly, safely, and more efficiently.


  • MicroFit Adjusters allow you to easily dial in your comfort.
  • The Tethrd Menace comes in 3 sizes to fit nearly every body type.
  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Sizing:
    • 26″-34″ = MEDIUM

    • 34″-38″ = LARGE

    • 38″-44″ = EXTRA LARGE