K2 Mindbender 99ti 20/21

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Quick edge to edge but also offers absurd float in soft snow, the K2 Mindbender 99ti punches above its weight for a directional all-mountain ski.
Colour: Grey / black / red
Brand Colour:Grey
Bindings :Ski Only
Product ID: 275867  10E0102.101.1.177 886745858836
The 2021 Mindbender 99Ti comes from the latest installment of K2's freeride line of skis. The Mindbender range is full of the latest technology and materials you would expect from premium skis but most importantly they all follow K2's ethos that skiing is fun!

The Mindbender 99Ti rocks a 99mm waist, sitting in that sweet spot for all-mountain freeride ski that will perform and excel everywhere over the mountainside. Thanks to the Titanal Y beam laminate and Powerwall construction. The Titanal Y-Beam stiffens the flex pattern in a controlled way with the shape creating a forebody of the ski is still maneuverable, power underfoot and stability in the tail.
The Powerwall is an oversized ABS sidewall that extends into the ski underfoot to dramatically enhance the transmission of energy from skier to ski edge making it direct and precise.

The construction and dimensions of the 99Ti make this ski ideally suited to advanced and expert skiers who want to charge around the mountain at speed but aren't fussed about slalom style turns but are more interested in laying down big open carves on-piste and float like a boat in deep snow. The Titanal laminate and Fir/Aspen core results in a powerful combination that's energetic, tough, and great for absorbing impacts and shock so you get a stable ride on a ski that's built to charge.


Features Include
  • Torsion Control Design - Torsionally stiffest in the fore body and centre of the ski but progressively easing throughout the tail, aiding in acuuraste and smooth turn initiation and release.
  • Ti Y-Beam - A precision cut of Titanal Y shape laminate that alters the torsional stiffness of the ski while maintaining a balanced even flex pattern that delivers power throughout the length of the ski.
  • Powerwall - Oversized ABS sidewalls are laminated and pocketed within the wood core in the mid body of the ski. With the sidewall extending into the heart of the ski the transmission of energy from skier to ski edge is direct and precise.
  • Fir/Aspen Core- Aspen provides a lightweight and resilient, a great all round Core and the maple adds energy and strength that's great for absorbing impact .
  • Metal laminate - A metal laminate construction uses a sheet of Titanal above and below the core to give the ski a damp, precise and accurate feel.
  • All terrain Rocker - A gradual rise to the tip for great versatility in all conditions with a short low rise on the tail for added control in varied terrain
The Lowdown
  • Designed For - All Mountain Freeride 50% piste / 50% off-piste
  • Rider Profile - Advanced/Expert
  • Camber Profile - All Terrain Rocker - Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Base - Sintered
  • Flex - Stiff/Powerful
  • Bindings - not Included - Ski Only
  • Binding Mounting - Will need to be professionally drill mounted.
  • Condition - Brand new - Factory waxed
Nose Width
Waist Width
Tail Width
Turn Radius