Bird`n Lite Strap Vest 2.0 - Tan/Blaze

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Wide nylon shoulder straps, quick-release sternum strap, fully-adjustable load-bearing straps, padded adjustable waist belt and more. Features Pheasants forever logo.


Should your upland excursions require covering more ground, or you simply appreciate maximum comfort, Bird’n Lite vests will get you there and back again. Made with heavy-duty construction from durable materials, Bird’n Lite provides the carrying capacity and comfort of a backpack with the look of a traditional hunting vest. The load-bearing system distributes weight between your shoulders and hips, and stabilizes that hefty bag limit to minimize fatigue. 

  1. Wide nylon shoulder straps transfer the load to the shoulders, yet still allows you to swing through the bird naturally.
  2. Quick-release sternum strap helps keep the weight centered between your shoulders for improved balance and less fatigue.
  3. Fully-adjustable load-bearing straps place the load’s center of gravity where it’s most comfortable to carry.
  4. Ergonomically-contoured, padded adjustable waist belt offers added support to your lower back and allows part of the load to be carried on your hips for greater comfort.
  5. The quick-release composite buckle allows for quick on and off.